• Mt. Stewart - Morell - St. Peter's Bay Pastoral Charge

Service for May 29, 2022

For this week we are sharing a pre-recorded version of our 7th Sunday of Easter service which is available on this link: 2022-5-29 Easter 7.

Next week, and moving forward unless circumstances change again, we will not be sharing a pre-recorded service on Saturdays. Instead we will be recording of the Mount Stewart service each Sunday morning and distributing it either late Sunday afternoon or early evening. Also beginning next weekend, all three of our congregations are offering in-person worship. As of June 5, 2022, services at St. Peter’s Bay will begin at 9:00, Morell at 10:00, and Mount Stewart at 11:30. Between these in-person services and the recording and distribution of the Mount Stewart service we trust that all of our Pastoral Charge family will continue to have access to worship within our church family. Despite the challenges of these days, may each of us know that we are not alone. We are surrounded by caring communities seeking always to proclaim God’s presence with us on our journeys. Take care; be kind! Kevin T. Kevin Dingwell 2292 MacKinnon Point Rd., Rte 214 Pisquid West, PE C0A 1T0 home/office: 902-676-2098 cell: 902-940-0016 office@ourchurchhome.ca tkdingwell@gmail.com www.ourchurchhome.ca


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